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Hi there!

I’m Paolo, and I just love to help people become the best version of themselves. So, let me speak!

Who am I?

Source: B1G Ministry
Source: B1G Ministry

Well, I have a humble list of experiences to describe what I did and what I currently do. However, to make the long story short, let me break it down to you on a per age basis.

At the age of 16, I became a freelance writer. I even wrote 500-word articles for Php 50.00 ($1).

At the age of 18, I started blogging and sold my first ever blog for some reasonable amount. When I found out that there are people who are interested in buying websites, I started flipping websites (someone who buys and sells websites).

At the age of 19, I offered WordPress development services and did social media marketing for clients.

At the age of 20, I started online businesses like Course Ground, which is an e-learning marketplace. Also, Decent Push, wherein I provided Tumblr backlinks for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes.

At this age, I also started my public speaking journey. I was invited to do talks to Philippine universities like University of the East – Caloocan, MAPUA, Cavite State University, etc.

At the age of 22 up to the present (23), I’m now supervising a sales and marketing team for a local IT company.

I experienced many frustrations in the past.

But I’m grateful because if the Lord did not allow it to happen, I wouldn’t become the person I am today.

This is the reason why I am burdened to reach out to the youth because I want them to be empowered and to believe that they are never too young to do big things.

I hope that this blog (where I share about anything that comes into my mind) will help you in your everyday lives.

What I’m Looking Forward To

Aside from this blog, I also run a Youtube channel wherein I do tutorials on how you can process some government documents/IDs, and many more.

I also have this Twitter account and Facebook page wherein I share a short version of my daily devotions! Be sure to check it out if you wanna get some bits of inspiration every day!

Most of all, I wanted to reach out to all people. I’m looking to host programs in different cities and provinces here in the Philippines while sharing the Word of God, inspiring people to do better, and any business-related talks.

So, if you believe in what I’m doing, make sure you follow me on my social media accounts and blog to get the full experience!

I love to spend some time with you soon!


Paolo Speaks

Rene Paolo is a public speaker and a marketing supervisor. He is passionate in helping people become the best version of themselves. Also, he loves corgis!