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Everything You Need to Know About the BPI ePay Mastercard: A Full Review

You might be familiar with the prepaid cards offered by GCash and PayMaya which are both from leading telcos (telecommunication companies) Globe and Smart, respectively.

But there’s another player in the industry which provides almost the same features and backed by a well-known bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands.

BPI’s ePay Mastercard is the new reincarnation of their old product, which is their Prepaid Mastercard. What is the main difference between the two that gave it an edge in the digital wallet industry?

Let’s find out as I tell you Everything You Need to Know About the BPI ePay Mastercard.

First of all, the Registration process.

There are two ways to apply for BPI’s ePay Mastercard. You can do it online, through BPI’s website, or visit the BPI branch nearest to you.

In my case, I made my application online to avoid the queue in their branches. (I’m not saying that ALL their offices have long lines, it’s just that I wanna make it as convenient for me as possible.)

When applying online, you need to pick the branch nearest to you and fill out the form. The branch you’ll choose will be your servicing branch. It will also be the place where you’ll pick up your card when you receive a text confirmation.

Alternatively, you can visit their branches and be assisted by their bank tellers. I picked mine up at Ayala 6750 office in Makati City. Their staffs are customer-oriented, and they try to connect with their customers. Kudos to Ayala 6750 branch!

How much does it cost?

As of now, they have an ongoing promotion until September 30, 2019, for a discounted rate of Php 150.00 instead of the regular Php 300.00. That’s 50% cheaper, dude!

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If I applied online, how long will it take before I can pick my card up?
In my case, it took a week before I got it.

Where can I use my ePay Mastercard?
You can use these to all establishments accepting Mastercards. You can also use this for your online purchases. Just use the “Credit Card” option and input your card number, account name, expiry date, and CVV (Card Verification Value) located at the back part.

BPI Prepaid Mastercard vs. BPI ePay Mastercard

Earlier, I mentioned that the new BPI ePay Mastercard is a reincarnation of the former product. But what exactly is the difference between the two?

I was a user of BPI Prepaid Mastercard around five years ago. While I enjoy the benefits of using it for my online purchases (for a domain name, hosting, and other goods), I found out that it cannot be used for withdrawing your funds through ATMs.

From that point on, I stopped depositing more funds than I’ll need to avoid the wastage of the little amount of pesos left in my account.

So, why did you avail their new ePay Mastercard now?
Well, it’s because the new prepaid card now allows you to withdraw funds from any ATMs in the Philippines (or even abroad as long as it is a Mastercard-licensed machine).

Checking your Prepaid Card’s Balance

To check your balance, visit BPI’s official website and use the “Check Prepaid Balance” option. In the longer run, it’s wise to enroll your prepaid card in your BPI Express Online account for easier access and transfer of funds.

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Cashing In is also Not Hard

Have you ever seen BPI’s deposit machines? Yes, you can use those machines to cash into your ePay Mastercard. Just insert your card, and the bills, and Ta-Da! you’ve just cashed in!

But of course, having the BPI Express Online account is much easier because you no longer have to look for deposit machines to cash in. All you need is your BPI debit card and transfer funds from one account to another.

If ever you still have questions, comment it down below! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I just have to finish updating articles to make sure that you follow the latest steps in doing it.

See you in my next blog post!

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