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The Ultimate Guide to Using GCash

I know you’re excited about having your new Globe GCash card (trust me, I know how it feels like), a great addition to the wallet, makes you more techie, and of course, it makes you feel richer since you’re doing cashless transactions.

But have you ever imagined what you could do if you can unlock the full functionalities of your GCash account? Go through this Ultimate Guide to Using GCash and consider yourself one of the pioneers in the soon-to-be cashless society, the Philippines.

You might have read this a lot of times so I’m putting a table of contents so you can navigate to your desired content faster!

Registration Process

Before you can become a member of the cashless society, you’ll have to complete your GCash registration first. (P.S. If you register through this link, you get Php 50.00 for FREE funded to your wallet.)

Oh boy, but I don’t have a Globe or T.M. mobile number. Can I still register?
Of course, you can! GCash is now open to all networks, which means that whether you are using Smart, Talk ‘N Txt, ABS-CBN, Cherry Mobile, Sun Cellular sim cards, you can still register for a GCash account.

PayMaya works the same too! You no longer have to have a Smart or Talk ‘N Txt sim cards. You may use others, too!

After registration, you’ll have to input your details. You NEED to become a fully verified member to unlock all features such as the ability to withdraw funds, GCredit which acts like an online credit card, GSave which allows you to deposit and earn interest, and Invest Money which will enable you to invest to stocks and call yourself an investor!

There are a lot more benefits of being a fully-verified GCash account user. And they will roll out many features in the future, too, which is why it’s essential to verify your account details as early as opening an account.

You’ll need a valid I.D. (see list below), a selfie, and some personal information to kickstart your registration process. It’s that simple!

Here’s a list of the valid I.D.s acceptable:

  • UMID
  • TIN
  • Philhealth Card
  • Driver’s License
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You can also use the following:

  • Passport
  • Student’s I.D.
  • Voter’s ID
  • SSS ID
  • Alien/Immigrant COR
  • Government Office/GOCC ID
  • Postal ID
  • PRC ID

GCash Starter Kit

Now that you’ve registered to GCash, it’s time to equip yourself with the right tools!

The first step you have to do is download the GCash app because it’s where you can track your transactions, check your balance, and pay your bills. You can also pay merchants using the Q.R. option and use discount vouchers for some stores.

The next important thing you need to have is a GCash Mastercard. The card can be ordered from Lazada, or you can buy one in any Globe store, or 7-11 convenience stores for only Php 150.00. There’s no need for a separate GCash Mastercard application. You can link it to the GCash account you created.

The GCash card is also a reloadable prepaid Mastercard. It’s like enjoying the benefits of a credit card but with a prepaid card!

Why should I get the Mastercard if I can use the app for free?
Here’s a short GCash Mastercard review. You can withdraw your funds to any ATMs that accept Mastercard or Bancnet. You can also use your card to pay any establishments which accept Mastercard payments, including online stores.

Parts of your GCash Mastercard

At the back portion of your card is the CVV which is a three-digit number you’ll need when buying online.

Don’t give these details to anyone! Any person who knows all this information will be able to use your GCash Mastercard for online transactions without your permission. You don’t wanna lose funds, right?

Ready to start using your card?

Cash in! You can link your bank accounts to your GCash app so you can transfer funds to your GCash account. The platform is so simple, instant, and best of all, it’s free too! After a few seconds, you’ll receive the funds in your GCash wallet.

PRO Tip: Aside from it, if you wanna transfer from one bank account to another, let’s say from BPI to BDO, transfer your BPI funds to GCash, then from GCash to BDO. You can thank me later!

You can also fund your GCash account through 7-11 Cliqq Kiosks or Touch Pay machines in your area.

GCredit: Your Digital Credit Card

Okay, so have you ever wanted to buy something urgently (whether it’s food, gadgets, etc.)? And you just don’t have the money to buy it in cash? Well, this is one of GCash’s best features!

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GCredit allows you to get buy these items without having the cash to pay for it yet. How? It uses a GScore which determines how much GCash (or Fuse Lending) is willing to lend you.

What if I don’t use my GCredit? Will I be charged an interest rate?
No you won’t. You’ll only get charged when you use it and don’t pay on the due date.

American Express

Aside from your GCash card being a Mastercard, it also comes with an AMEX or American Express digital card details. To make it simple, AMEX allows you to purchase goods or services from stores which require American details (such as bank account, address, phone number, etc.)


You can also link it to your PayPal account. PayPal is often used for online transactions for purchase in online stores, and it comes with a wallet too!

Who’s ready to pay some bills?

Not me.

One of the first features of Globe GCash is its online payment capability. Within the GCash app, there’s a bills payment tab wherein you can pay your water bills, electricity bills, loans, and many more!

Ready to Watch Avengers Movie #999?

I don’t know if there will ever be an Avengers movie #999, but one thing for sure is you can book movies from the GMovies tab in your GCash app. From there, you can book seats (or a seat if you’re single) to your favorite moviehouses.

You may have skipped the line for buying tickets, but the guards from the cinema entrance will have to write down the reference number given by GMovies when you book. So, there’s still some waiting time. Honestly, it feels like an interrogation.

Discounts Like It’s Christmas thru GCash QR Codes

Who doesn’t want some discounts? Every Wednesday, GCash creates a Q.R. code you can scan to receive discount vouchers which you can use for your transactions. They post this mainly on their Facebook page, so make sure you follow them on Facebook.

How can I use the vouchers?

Step 1: Scan the merchant’s Q.R. using the “Pay QR” option in your GCash app.
Step 2: Input the amount. (Yes, you have to put the full amount first and NOT the discounted amount. No need to bring your calculators out.)
Step 3: Choose a voucher and click “Pay.”

That’s it! You just used your first Q.R. voucher. Now, keep an eye on their social media pages for more discounts.

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Get Interests on your Deposit thru GSave

I’m pretty sure that some of you will use GCash for savings purposes. Don’t worry; Globe heard the cry of its customers!

GSave enables accounts users to have a separate wallet within the app.

Huh? Why would I want to get another wallet aside from my main wallet?
You can be “marupok” at some times so you’ll have to separate your savings from your wallet to avoid overspending. Also, the balance you have will not earn you any interest if it stays in your main wallet. But if you place it in GSave, it will start gaining some interests.

How do I enroll in GSave?
Simple! From your GCash app, click on “GSave” and you’ll automatically be registered. You can even use it as early as you’re confirmed.

Don’t wanna save, and want to invest instead?

Well, you’re in luck! GCash paved the way for everyone to become investors for as low as Php 50.00! You can start investing from within the app with minimal requirements.

You just have to answer a short assessment which determines what kind of investor you are. P.S. I’m a moderately aggressive investor. What about you?

Any nature lover out there? ‘Coz GForest is here!

GForest is the latest feature of GCash. And if you think you will donate for the development of our forests, let me stop you and say that you won’t need to give a single centavo.

So, how do I participate in GForest?
Whenever you use GCash for your cashless and paperless transactions (or even while walking), you earn some green energy. And once you reach 20,000 green energies, you can use it to purchase a Yakal tree, and GCash will plant it on your behalf.

How cool can it get? Doing cashless and paperless transactions eliminates the wastage of trees that should have been used for receipts. Planting a tree has never been this cool.

GCash Hotline (You might need it!)

Nothing’s perfect in this world so sometimes, minor hiccups happen. And it’s normal for all developing products.

So just in case you need to contact GCash, you may use your smartphone to dial 2882 or call their landline at (02) 739-2882.

Alternatively, you may also comment down below, and I’ll answer as soon as I can (which is about 6 hours, 35 minutes max).

What are your thoughts? If this guide helped you become a full-fledged member of the cashless society (a.k.a. GCash user), share it with your friends!

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