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The Ultimate Guide to Using PayMaya

Gone are the days of Smart Money (Smart Padala) when you’ll have to write down a long series of number to send payment to other people such as sellers. That’s frustrating and humiliating, especially when you’re causing the long line.

If you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s better to keep it that way as we are progressing to a more convenient version of Smart Money – PayMaya.

Buying goods and services online is now more accessible with the rise of Reloadable Prepaid Visa or Mastercards. If Globe has a GCash Mastercard, Smart has its arsenal – PayMaya Visa Card.

Looking at it, it also acts like an online Smart Padala kind of service. So, here’s the complete and Ultimate Guide to Using PayMaya. Please read it, take action, and enjoy the cashless transaction’s lifestyle!

Do you want to skip to the part you wanna know about the most? Just pick it here on the table of contents.

Registration Process

Since what you’ll be getting here is a digital wallet from PayMaya, it will be insane if it will require some physical enrollment, right? So, PayMaya made it easier so you can open an account through the PayMaya app which you can download on the App Store or Google Play Store.

You need to have a mobile number which you can use to verify your account.

Do I need to be a Smart / Talk ‘N Txt / Sun Cellular user to use it?
Nope! PayMaya is now open to all networks. Even if you are Kapamilya, Kapuso, or Kapatid, you can also use it too!

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PayMaya Starter Kit

Now that you’re registered, it’s time to purchase a PayMaya Visa Card either in the PayMaya website or on Lazada. It usually costs Php 200.00 but might change depending on their ongoing promotions. It is a bit more expensive than GCash but offers the same functions.

Parts of your PayMaya Visa Card

There’s really a small difference with a prepaid Mastercard. It also contains a CVV or Card Verification Value (found at the back) which acts as your PIN. So, whenever you do online transactions, you’ll need your card number, account name, expiry date, and the CVV.

BEWARE: Do not give away all this information to people you don’t know as it might be used for fraudulent transactions.

Aside from the physical card, you may also use the digital Visa card available in your app. However, you need to have at least Php 100.00 in your account it to use it, which leads us to the next point.


That’s right! You need to cash in (ka-ching! okay that’s a bad joke). There are several ways to cash in. You can do it through 7-11’s Cliqq Kiosks, Western Union, Cebuana Lhuiller, and many more.

Frankly, you can cash into almost all major pawnshops and remittance centers.

What do I need to do to cash in?
There are two ways to do it. First, you can generate a bar code from within the app. Just click “Add Money” and enter the amount. Present it to your chosen establishment where you’ll cash in.

The second way to do it is by going directly to the partner establishment and tell them that you’ll cash into your PayMaya account. They’ll give you a form to fill out and proceed to payment. If you do this method, make sure to input your mobile number carefully!

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PayPal is another digital wallet which is accepted by some local and lots of international websites. Linking your PayMaya account to PayPal is as simple as linking any of your debit cards to your PayPal. You need to enter your account number, account name, expiry date, and CVV.

You’ll also have to have at least Php 200.00 for verification. PayPal charges you for that but returns it to your PayPal wallet.

I love to pay bills!

No, I don’t. But I love the people whom I’m paying the bills for. Sweet!

PayMaya comes with a bills payment facility too, so you can pay your bills wherever you are even if you are in the remotest part of the world provided that you have an internet connection.

Some known billers are MMDA (if you have any traffic or jaywalking violations), MERALCO, or Home Credit. Gee! I hope I don’t get to pay MMDA.


Have you ever seen the square-like figure with much more squares on the inside? Those are called QRs. You probably know it already. So, if you see one in the stores with the PayMaya logo on it, you can use your PayMaya app to pay for your dues.

What if I have questions about PayMaya?

PayMaya Hotline (just to be sure)

Some of you are looking for this one, so here it is. You may contact PayMaya at (+632) 845-7788 or thru email at

Alternatively, you may also comment down below, and I’ll answer when I can! I just wanna help people adapt to this cashless society better.

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